Jesse Lee Amburgey is the principle author of this historical account. He was assisted by the LKLP Board, staff and former staff, as much of the information was first-hand experience. A special thanks goes to Joe Duke, Executive Director, Oma Jo Branson, Aging Director, Shirley Conley, Knott County Office Manager, Margie Thomas, former employee, Dr. Betty Amburgey, proofreader and advisor, Martha Amburgey, typing and Rick Baker and Amy Collier, editors.

Special thanks also goes to Dr. John Glenn, Ball State University. Dr. Glenn has researched Community Action in Appalachia and shared his information from interviews and materials. The archives of OEO, Historical Society in Frankfort, Berea College and the University of Kentucky had some LKLP Staff Reports and correspondence between LKLP and OEO. Dr. Glenn made it possible for me to review this material.

Thanks also goes to the following people who agreed to be interviewed:

Oma Jo Branson - Director of Aging Programs
Shirley Conley - Knott County Office Manager
Margie Thomas - LKLP Retired Transportation Driver
Opal Pridemore - LKLP Retired Community Worker
Jack Johnson - Former LKLP Economic Developer Director
Arthur Adams - LKLP Retired Acting Executive Director
Bill Bates - LKLP Retired Equal Opportunity Officer (by phone)
Imogene Tilley - LKLP Retired Aging Director (by phone)
George Wooten - Former Board Chairman and present Board member
Danny Morgan - LKLP Retired County Developer and Manpower Director
Virginia Sizemore - Executive Secretary, Office Manager & Program Dev.
Marshall Jarnigan - Board Chairman and long time Board Member
Anita Brashear - LKLP Retired Outreach Aide and Office Manager
Lillian Olinger - Retired JTPA Supervisor
Hargus Begley - NYC Supervisor - Four County NYC Coordinator
Cora Hagans - JTPA Supervisor
John McIntosh - Outreach Worker