About Compassionate Hearts

LKLP Compassionate Hearts is here to help you care for your loved ones. We offer affordable top quality daytime services to those seeking health care for their family.

LKLP Compassionate Hearts realize caregivers want better options for their loved ones. It is our mission to provide a safe and stimulating environment, offering caregivers an alternative to nursing home care, giving them the opportunity to continue their daily activities.

We understand that, for many, this is their first experience away from their homes and family. That is why we take personal interest in each person...helping him or her make an easy transition right from the start. For the caregivers, we take great strides to make sure you have a smooth, worry-free transition and we make sure your concerns and questions are answered.

LKLP Compassionate Hearts staff consist of activities personnel and CNA's. There is also an RN or LPN on site at all times. Our nurses can administer medication, monitor vital signs, arrange for medication pick up or delivery and provide wound care. We also assist participants with personal hygiene and grooming needs. We provide games, arts and crafts, exercise and various recreational activities on a daily basis. Participants are provided with a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Family visits to our facility are always welcome! A visit to our center may help you and your loved one feel more at ease. We encourage you to get to know us, tour our facility, and ask any questions. During your visit, we can evaluate the assistance needed and any special care your loved one may require.

Contact us now to schedule a FREE-DAY to come by and see what it is like at the adult day.

Compassionate Hearts Program Fees

There are several funding sources, such as private insurance and Medicaid, that may pay part or all of your Compassionate Hearts fees. We DO NOT take your income checks! We also offer self pay.

If you know anyone 21 years of age or older who may need our services, please give us a call or stop by. We give a free-day for potential participants to come by and see what it is like at the adult day.

Compassionate Hearts Center Hours

The Adult Day Health Center
Monday thru Friday from 7:00 am - 5:00 pm

Compassionate Hearts Transportation

Compassionate Hearts provides transportation to and from the center on an as needed basis. The transportation service is provided in part by LKLP's large transportation program, which includes wheel chair accessible vans.

Compassionate Hearts Program Highlights

Compassionate Hearts ADHC has been here since 2002. During this time we have enrolled 172 adults from 5 counties. We strive to help participants remain in the community as long as possible and to help them achieve their highest practical level of physical functioning and social well-being. Some of our participants have been attending the adult day for over 13 years and have been able to maintain community living due to the care provided here.

Each participant that comes to us has some type of life altering impairment requiring staff intervention. Many have come to us unable to walk and are now either walking independently or with staff assistance, or could not meet any of their daily needs and now only require minimal staff assistance to meet their daily needs, some have come depressed and withdrawn and are now active in every event in the center and active in their communities. Other participants have been able to maintain their level of functioning thus preventing institutional care.

We provide skilled nursing care, ADL assistance, restorative nursing, self-care training, medication administration, medical monitoring, meals, outings and socialization to many participants. We keep participants active in the center and in the community by participating in as many community events as possible and by bringing the community in to the center.  We have multiple volunteer groups that come to the center including church groups, mission groups, the bookmobile, the local Health Department, UK extension office and the Fire Department.

Adult Day Health Care improves and impacts lives on a daily basis. Please stop by and visit us and become involved in our program.


Compassionate Hearts FAQ

Compassionate Hearts provides traditional nursing services during the daytime hours only. Our participants return home to their families in the evenings. This arrangement enables family members to fulfill their daily responsibilities, provides the loved one with opportunities for socializing and rehabilitation and allows all members of the family to come back together at the end of the day. We offer skilled nursing care, recreational activities, and rehabilitative services like those found in a nursing home. We even provide the occasional field trip for those interested and able to attend.

How can Compassionate Hearts benefit your family?

Compassionate Hearts gives the caregiver the freedom to fulfill daily responsibilities and the reassurance of knowing their loved one has companionship and comprehensive, quality care throughout the day. In addition, Compassionate Hearts also provides these significant benefits for the loved one:

  1. Increased social contact with other people;
  2. Increased sense of independence through stimulating programs and trips;
  3. Physical and mental exercise to help maintain physical and mental abilities;
  4. Skilled nursing care by registered nurses who can identify and care for challenging needs;
  5. Personal care, including assistance with meals, toileting, and daily living needs; and
  6. The postponement or elimination of long-term nursing home care.


Compassionate Hearts Contact Information

Sandy Bowling, RN
Program Director

Center's Phone: (606) 436-8700
Center's Fax: (606) 436-0500

Center's Location:
145 Citizens Lane, Suite 102
Hazard, KY 41701

Office Hours :
Monday - Friday 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM