Our Mission

LKLP Head Start, a comprehensive child development program, seeks to enrich the lives of our families and strengthen self-sufficiency by giving roots and wings to our children:

  • Roots so they have a sense of self
  • Wings so they can follow their dreams

Early Head Start
Early Head Start provides services for children ages 0-3 years old, as well as pregnant women.

Our children are primarily served in center based programming, but we also provide home-based services based upon the family's needs and preferences.

Our centers have up to 8 children per room with two caregivers/teachers per room. Each caregiver/teacher serves as the primary caregiver for 4 children. This 1 to 4 ratio assures children will form trusting, secure relationships with their caregiver.

The children stay with the same caregiver and in the same room until they finish Early Head Start. This continuity helps children to form strong bonds and relationships with their caregiver and to feel secure in their environment.

LKLP Head Start Program Ongoing Goals

  • To increase the awareness of drug abuse throughout the community as well as continuing to provide supports for families and children.
  • To bridge Head Start families to community groups through advocacy and empowerment. 
  • To continue improving math and literacy skills in the classroom.
  • To continue secondary education and staff professional development with emphasis on credentials for teaching staff and family development assistants meeting requirements of Performance Standards.
  • To improve and strengthen appropriate and timely follow-up on referrals and communication.
  • To continue working with local dentists and the UK Center for Rural Health to improve awareness and care of teeth.  
  • To increase community awareness of Head Start's positive influence using communication tactics; including the present and future economic impact.  
  • To improve quality, maintenance and safety of program vehicles.
  • To strive for effective communication between the central office and the center staff.
  • To strengthen and broaden services to grandparents rearing grandchildren.  

LKLP Head Start/Early Head Start Goals 2020-2025

PROGRAM GOAL 1:  LKLP Head Start will provide learning activities that will enable all children to grow developmentally to become school ready.

OBJECTIVE 1:  Quality learning activities will be planned weekly to foster children’s language and literacy skills.

OBJECTIVE 2:  Classrooms will integrate mathematical skills throughout the day in daily routines.

OBJECTIVE 3:  Quality learning activities will be planned and implemented in fine and gross motor skills


PROGRAM GOAL 2:  LKLP Head Start will ensure that all children will complete health and nutritional screenings and have quality follow up.

OBJECTIVE 1: The program will implement quality follow-up to any failed or missed screenings.

OBJECTIVE 2:   To improve family involvement in health and nutritional services.


PROGRAM GOAL 3:  The program will increase ongoing monitoring of all program services.

OBJECTIVE 1:  LKLP Head Start will increase recruitment efforts to meet required enrollment each program year.

OBJECTIVE 2:  Staff turnover rate will decrease each year.

OBJECTIVE 3:  Program evaluation scores will increase each year.

OBJECTIVE 4:   Program CLASS scores will increase each year meeting the quality threshold.


PROGRAM GOAL 4:  LKLP Head Start program will work with staff, families, and children to provide high-quality family engagement activities that promote Relationship based Competencies, Parent, Family, Community, Engagement activities, and Fatherhood Engagement

OBJECTIVE 1:  LKLP Head Start staff will apply Relationship-Based Competencies to Build and Support family engagement while improving professional development skills.

OBJECTIVE 2:  LKLP Head Start staff and families will work in collaborating and implementing the PFCE outcomes.

OBJECTIVE 3:  LKLP Head Start staff will collaborate with families to build partnerships to support Fatherhood Engagement

Early Head Start Health & Development

A healthy child is a strong child. Good health is a state of well-being that includes emotional and social wellness, as well as physical vigor.

We will work very closely with parents to see that their child's health needs are met. Our staff will provide a safe, nurturing environment.

We need parent's assistance in meeting the following requirements of our infant and toddler program:

  • Well baby checks at ages 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, and 36 months.
  • 1st Dental visit at the age of 2 is required, but American Pediatric Dentistry recommends a visit at age 1 or when the first tooth arrives.
  • Immunization kept current: including varicella (chicken pox) vaccination at age 1.

Screenings to be done at the well-baby checks:

  • Medical History and Physical Exam
  • Growth and Development check
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Lab testing [Lead (9th & 24th mth), HCT (9th mth) Hematocrit or Hemoglobin]

It is the parent's responsibility to bring documentation of these requirements to the center.

Head Start staff does home visits and conferences with parents to exchange information about their child's development. Staff will also exchange information about a child's health, diet, naps and days events upon arrival and departure of each day.

Early Head Start Disability Services

First Steps is the state program responsible for providing services to infants and toddlers with disabilities or at risk for developmental problems due to prematurity, difficulties with pregnancy and delivery, illness, etc.

Children with disabilities and health needs receive services at Early Head Start sites. First Steps assists the family in getting needed evaluations and services.

Everything is done according to the families' needs and wishes with an individual service plan developed for each child. Early Intervention will minimize the impact of disabilities.

Training will be provided for staff and families as needed. Special training is done for children with allergies or special diets and documentation by a physician on file in the center.

Early Head Start Pregnancy Services

Early Head Start assists pregnant women to access comprehensive prenatal care and postpartum care through referrals to community partners. We also make home visits/conferences to share information on:

  1. Fetal Development
  2. Labor and Delivery
  3. Postpartum Recovery
  4. Risks of Smoking, Drinking Alcohol, and Drug Use
  5. Benefits of breast feeding.

This includes a visit within two weeks of the baby's birth and a three-month postnatal visit. Staff will help the family to develop goals and strategies to attain their goals.

Early Head Start Parent Involvement

Head Start and Early Head Start recognize the parent as the prime educator and nurturer of their child. Parents are the program decision makers. We encourage each parent to attend parent support activities, parent meetings and other center activities. Parent's have the opportunity to participate in the center's daily activities with their child by:

  • Reading a book.
  • Helping with a meal.
  • Playing with the children.
  • Sharing, learning and having fun.

Early Head Start Partnerships

Early Head Start is a partnership between parents and caregivers whose primary goal is to benefit the child. Sharing our knowledge -- at drop-off and pick-up times, in notes, phone conversations and during conferences -- gives us a more complete picture of the child than either of us could have alone.

Family Engagement

The family services area has the responsibility of working with families in goal setting through the family partnerships agreement process. It provides families with resource information and how to access community services. In Early Head Start the teacher is the person who serves as a link between the family, the programs and the community.

Early Head Start Calendar

Early Head Start is open year around providing a minimum of 1380 hours annually during the year. Please refer to the calendar below for more information.

We will also have several In-Service/Work Days on which there will be no school - your child's teacher will notify you when these days are.  If during the winter and spring months colleges are canceled due to snow or flooding, the centers will also be closed.  Hours of operation are 7:15am-4:45pm daily Monday - Friday unless otherwise scheduled.  Listen to your local radio station for the closing announcements. Full calendar is availabel upon request at all Early Head Start centers.

Head Start Contact Information

Justin Collett
Program Director

Telephone: 606-435-7962
Fax: 606-435-7965

Office Location:
412 Roy Campbell Drive
Hazard, KY 41701

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM