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Serving:  Leslie, Knott, Letcher and Perry Counties

The LKLP Parent's Self-Help Project is an ongoing program for parents who are in need of learning better parenting skills. The goal of the program is to help prevent child abuse and neglect.  Court ordered referrals and DCBS referrals are accepted, but parents can attend without being referred.

Parents will learn about building their own self-esteem as well as the self-esteem of their children. They will also learn new discipline and behavior management techniques. They are encouraged to contribute to class discussions to express their opinions and needs.

Substance abuse isn't the only cause for child abuse and neglect, but it has multiplied the problems in our immediate and surrounding counties. Neglect is becoming more of a problem than abuse.

Educating parents on potential childcare problems, before they arise, is very important in the prevention of abuse and neglect. For example, many new parents have no idea of what a great responsibility everyday care of an infant can be. Information on problems such as shaken baby syndrome is very crucial, since the damage cannot usually be reversed.

During the next year, the goal of the Self-Help Parenting Program is to:

  • Concentrate more on prevention of child abuse and neglect by educating parents through parenting workshops and classes.
  • Help parents that have abused their children learn non-abusive behavior and better parenting skills.
  • Distribute prevention of child abuse and neglect materials to more agencies that generally have contact with parents.




Self-Help Parent Program Philosophy

The program's philosophy is built around the premise that parenting is a learned behavior, and that old, undesirable patterns of interactions can be replaced with new and more desirable ones.  The classes are free and open to the public.  Participants who successfully complete the course receive a certificate.  The classes utilizes an evidence-based curriculum, "The Nurturing Parent" by Stephen Bavolek. 


Self-Help Parent Classes


For more information on when and where classes are held, please contact us.

Self-Help Parent Program Highlights

As another year comes to a close for our LKLP Parent Self-Help/Education Program, much has been accomplished but much more is left to do. This has been another challenging year, and we worked hard to meet our goals of increased client enrollment and completion. Our program has served a total of 1408 participants this year, enrolled 190 new clients, and put strategies in place to expand this number in the coming year.

Child abuse and neglect are still on the rise, but the majority of clients we see have lost their children due to neglect. More grandparents are taking on parental roles than ever before, and addiction continues to be the dominant factor in recurring neglect cases. For parents who have struggled with addictions in the past, I stress to them that addiction is only a tiny part of who they are as a whole person, but no matter how well meaning they may be or loving toward their children, impaired judgment while under the influence, can result in tragedy when caring for children.

A crucial aspect of the parenting program is the support parents find from the connections made in classes. Many of these parents are isolated and have no family or friends they can talk to about problems they may be having with their children. Too often, this can lead to frustration and escalate the problems they are already having with childcare. Many parents have stated that they enjoy the support they receive from other parents in the group.  Everyone is encouraged to participate in activities and discussions.  They are encouraged to work on their problems at home, using skills they learn in class, and report back on their successes and failures.

Parenting classes are geared toward the prevention and cessation of child abuse and neglect.  The majority of parenting errors come from previously learned discipline techniques from their own childhoods or from a lack of knowledge of what constitutes typical behavior for children at various ages. Parenting classes cover information/exercises on the following topics:

1.What to expect from the Child Protective System
2.Managing Behavior: Setting Rules and Age-Appropriate Consequences
3.The Difference between Discipline and Punishment
4.Using Praise as a Behavior Management Technique
5.Hitting/Spanking: Why parents Continue to Use it and Why it Doesn’t Work
6.Time Out and other Non-Abusive Forms of Punishment
7.Developmental Stages and What to Expect at Each
8.Choices and Consequences
9.Communication Skills
10.Using Ignoring and Redirection to Decrease Inappropriate Behavior




This project is funded, in part, under a contract with Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky using state funds allocated by the Kentucky General Assembly via contract number PON2 736 1600001309 4.

Self-Help Parent Contact Information

Pam Brewer
Program Director

Local: (606) 436-3161
Fax: (606) 439-2229

Office Location:
412 Roy Campbell Drive
Hazard, KY 41701

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM EST