About Workforce Investment Opportunity Act

Serving:  Leslie, Knott, Letcher and Perry Counties

The LKLP Workforce Investment Opportunity Act program is designed to assist low-income individuals to acquire skills necessary to become gainfully employed. WIOA delivers many levels of assistance to adults, economically disadvantaged youth, and dislocated workers. We use a wide assortment of resources that allow our clients to obtain the latest job-market information, help them identify their interests and aptitudes, and advance their careers.

Eligible customers may receive assistance with tuition, books, fees, and other training-related costs. The program can even provide relocation assistance for customers who find a job which requires them to move.

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WIOA Director's Message

The Workforce Investment Opportunity Act provides opportunities for training in in-demand occupations, working to increase employment and retention rates, increase earnings, to affect economic self-sufficiency among individuals, and meet performance standards while meeting the labor market’s need for a skilled workforce. 


H.O.M.E. (Hiring our Miners Everyday) and the Community Impact Grants are National Emergency Grants to assist laid off coal miners, their spouses, and all Dislocated Workers who meet the grant specifications.  These clients may be eligible to receive: On the Job Training (OJT), Classroom Training, Certification/Licensing and other services.


Job club is a small group of job seekers who meet weekly with local workforce professionals to improve their job seeking practices. The group members provide support for each other while networking and learning techniques for improving their job searches from the workforce professionals and invited guests. This combination of support, networking, and job-search education makes job club members much more successful at gaining employment than job seekers who search alone.  The job club curriculum consists of 6 weeks and includes some of the following:  Best practices for networking, Understanding the structure of a successful job search, How to build a better resume, Tips for applying successfully for jobs as well as Up-to-date labor market and career information.  In this program year, we completed 2 job clubs in 3 counties. WIOA has been very proud of the efforts put forth with Job Club.


The On the Job Training is provided to a paid participant while engaged in productive work in a job that provides knowledge or skills essential to the full and adequate performance of the job. The OJTs are provided under a contract with an employer in the public, private non- profit or private sector.  Through the OJT contract, occupational training is provided for the WIOA client in exchange for the reimbursement of up to 75 percent of the wage rate to compensate for the employer’s costs of training and additional supervision related to the OJT.

During this year we were able to service 5 OJT clients with 3 different employers. Employers consist of MACED, Troublesome Creek Stringed Instruments, and FAHE.


The Out of School Youth program served youth ages 18-24 with educational assistance and employment opportunities to help them advance in the world of work. This year we served a total of 91 out of school youth. We had 10 to participate in work experience, where they were placed with employers within the LKLP service area, to complete up to 320 hours of work experience. The program assisted 10 individuals with Work Readiness Training and was able to assist 58 clients with tuition and fees.  The Out of School Youth program will become the Opportunity Youth Program beginning July 1st, 2019. The program will serve youth ages 18-24 with specific barriers to provide educational assistance, adult mentoring, peer mentoring, career exploration and work experience opportunities.


The Paths 2 Promise program ended in April 2019. We have had many clients who have obtained employment after LKLP has provided them with work experiences and/or training assistance.  Several that have obtained full time employment through a job placement.  WIOA worked diligently to provide transportation, child care, tuition and various other types of supports to help clients become more successful. Since the start, Paths to Promise served a total of 1050 clients with 519 being general and 531 being expanded. The program generated the following outcomes, 34 jobs, 24 credential attainments, 1130 assessments, 105 work based learning opportunities, 96 classroom trainings and 392 supportive services. We consider the program a great success!

Client Service Summary for 2018-2019

Clients Receiving Activities


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Training's Provided with Funding Breakdown:





Out of School Youth


Community Impact


Paths 2 Promise



All Staff are to be congratulated on the success of the WIOA programs.

WIOA Contact Information

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WIOA Manpower Director

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