You Can Make a Difference

For more than half a century, LKLP Community Action has dedicated its resources to helping those in need. Serving the communities of Leslie, Knott, Letcher and Perry counties and beyond, we strive to change people’s lives for the better. Our mission is to empower individuals and families, helping them become self-sufficient.

Through a diverse offering of programs and services, we touch the lives of tens of thousands of people each year. We serve people of all ages, including children from birth to our most vulnerable senior community. You can help us make a difference in our communities. Whether you want to champion a specific cause with a financial donation or provide an in-kind donation, we welcome and appreciate your support. Here are some of the ways you can help.

Support Youth Programs

Enriching the lives of children is at the core of what we do here at LKLP. Through early childhood education, family advocacy and child abuse prevention programs, we strive to improve the lives of our youth. You can give a child a brighter future by donating here.


Give a Meal

Each year, LKLP provides 4,800 food boxes to seniors in need throughout our four-county region. Additionally, we provide thousands of nutritious meals and snacks to Head Start children. You can help us provide a meal by donating here.


Provide a Ride

Access to safe and reliable transportation is critical to living a healthy and productive life. LKLP logs hundreds of thousands of miles each year providing transportation services. This includes trips for non-emergency medical care, Head Start pickups and drop offs and more. You can help provide a ride today!


Assist in Disaster Relief

Natural disasters can happen anywhere and anytime just like we saw with the horrific flooding event in July 2022. Our team has stepped up to provide much-needed assistance to those experiencing hardship from this kind of event. You can help make a difference.


Create a Healthy Home

Thousands of people right here in our region have to decide between putting food on the table or heating their homes. Others are in desperate need of vital home repairs. With your support, we can create a healthier home for those in need.


Ensure Someone’s Safety

Unfortunately, not everyone lives in a safe and loving environment. LKLP has a variety of programs to assist those in urgent need of help. From domestic violence survivors and other victims of crime to child abuse prevention services, your support can help save lives.


Join Our Mission

To help support all of the worthy programs and services offered by LKLP, we invite you to donate here. All donations collected will go toward helping us fulfill our mission. Together, we can build stronger communities and instill hope in those who are struggling.


In-Kind Donations

In addition to financial donations, LKLP also accepts in-kind donations for several of our program areas. In order to maximize the benefit of your donation, please contact us via email so that we may coordinate based on our current needs.

Arrange an In-Kind Donation