LKLP’s Parent Self-Help Education program is designed to give parents the tools needed to improve their parenting skills. The goal of the program is to help prevent child abuse and neglect and create happier and healthier homes. Classes are free and open to the public.

Throughout the 12-week course, parents learn about building self-esteem in themselves and in their children. They’ll also learn new discipline and behavior management techniques. Research shows that the majority of parenting errors come from previously learned discipline techniques from their own childhood. Additionally, a lack of knowledge of typical behavior for children at various ages also contributes to ineffective parenting.

Our parenting classes, which utilize evidence-based curriculum, cover information/exercises on the following topics:

  • What to expect from the Child Protective System
  • Managing Behavior: Setting Rules and Age-Appropriate Consequences
  • The Difference between Discipline and Punishment
  • Using Praise as a Behavior Management Technique
  • Hitting/Spanking: Why parents Continue to Use it and Why it Doesn’t Work
  • Time Out and other Non-Abusive Forms of Punishment
  • Developmental Stages and What to Expect at Each
  • Choices and Consequences
  • Communication Skills
  • Using Ignoring and Redirection to Decrease Inappropriate Behavior

Peer support is often cited as an important benefit to this program. It’s for this reason, classroom engagement is encouraged and expected. Participants who successfully complete the course receive a certificate.

Program Philosophy

The Parent Self-Help Education program was developed from the curriculum outlined in “The Nurturing Parent” by Stephen Bavolek. The program’s philosophy is built around the premise that parenting is a learned behavior, and that old, undesirable patterns of interactions can be replaced with new and more desirable ones.

participants benefited from Parent Self-Help Education courses last year.


We offer a flexible class schedule with both in-person and online courses available. We serve individuals in Leslie, Knott, Letcher and Perry counties. For more information about our current class schedule, please contact us by phone at (606) 436-3161 ext. 2311 or send us an email at the link below.

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Court-ordered and DCBS referrals are accepted, however parent self-referrals are also welcome. If you or someone you know would like to attend our course, please complete the referral form found below.

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Building a Bridge

After completing parenting classes, several of our Parent Self-Help clients make the transition to be part of LKLP’s CCC program. This transition allows us to have a more personal relationship with families. Through CCC, staff spend one-on-one time in a family’s residence working on techniques such as appropriate discipline and daily routines. We also help families establish a safe and healthy environment for their children, as well as connect them to available resources in their community. For more information on CCC, please follow the link below.

CCC Program
This project is funded, in part, under a contract with Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky using state funds allocated by the Kentucky General Assembly via contract number PON2 736 1600001309 4.