Family Advocacy Overview

LKLP Community Action puts a strong emphasis on improving the lives of children and families. Through programs such as Community Collaboration for Children and Parent Self-Help Education, LKLP is able to better equip families to lead happier and more fulfilling lives. Additionally, programs such as Head Start bring parents and children together to build a stronger academic pathway. LKLP also offers services to assist families in crisis, including those impacted by domestic violence or other criminal acts. Below are the many ways in which LKLP is working to strengthen families and help create brighter futures.

Community Collaboration for Children

CCC seeks to prevent child abuse and neglect by sharing resources that help educate and empower families. Through in-home, short-term case management, CCC works collaboratively with parents to assess, define and reach agreed upon goals. Together, we can help create a safer, more nurturing home environment for all.

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Parent Self-Help Education

LKLP’s Parent Self-Help Education program utilizes evidence-based curriculum designed to prevent child abuse. The 12-week program includes classes and workshops where parents learn techniques and strategies that will enhance parenting skills. We also emphasize the special relationships between dads and children through our many fatherhood initiatives.

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Head Start / Early Head Start

At-risk children can benefit greatly from early education programs. LKLP’s Head Start and Early Head Start are designed to not only provide a solid academic start, but to provide a holistic family approach to education. We invite you to take a closer look at the opportunities that await those precious young minds.

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Safety and Well-Being

As unfortunate as it is, our communities are not immune to the horrible effects of domestic abuse and other criminal acts. When families are affected by these harmful situations, it can create a dire and scary dynamic within families. LKLP offers 24/7 services to assist those experiencing a situation that requires urgent attention. We do so with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality. You are not alone.

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