For scheduling Public Transportation:

Toll Free 1-866-813-0072


Who Is Eligible

Anyone that does not have a Medicaid card or has a Medicaid card but does not meet other eligibility requirements for transportation through the HSTD Brokerage can call and schedule Public Transportation. 

 LKLP is proud to provide transportation services for Veterans and their families.  Please call 866-813-0072 to see if you are eligible.

 How Does It Work?

Residents who are interested can call 1-866-813-0072 to schedule transportation. Public trips need to be scheduled 24 hours in advance and no later than 3:00pm the day prior to the trip. The reason for the early notice is so a coordinated schedule can be prepared and dispatched to the drivers for the next day.

There is a fare for all public transportation. The rates are different for in county transportation “which is transportation that originates and ends in the same county” than out of county transportation “which is transportation that originates in one county and ends in another”.

Transportation Programs and Rates are as follows:

All rates are calculated from the origin of the pickup to the drop off destination.


Public Transportation: Demand Response

This transportation must originate in the Leslie, Knott, Letcher, Perry counties.

Program Hours:
8:00a.m. to 4:30p.m.
Monday - Friday
Eligible Passengers:
Elderly, Disabled, Veterans, Low Income, General Public
Low Waged Employment 
In County Public Transportation$5 for the first five miles "per round trip"
$10 for six miles or more "per round trip"

Out of County Transportation

$0.80 cents per mile "per round trip" 


Public Transportation: Job Access Reverse Commute "JARC"

This Transportation must originate in the Leslie, Knott, Letcher, and Perry counties.

Program Hours:
Before 8:00a.m. and After 4:30p.m.
Eligible Passengers:
Elderly, Disabled, Veterans, Low Income,
Low Waged Employment 
In County Public Transportation
$5 "per round trip"

Out of County Transportation
$5 "per round trip"


Public Transportation: Intercity

This transportation must originate in the Leslie, Knott, Letcher, and Perry counties.

Program Hours:

6:00a.m. to 8:00p.m.

Monday - Friday 

Eligible Passengers:

Elderly, Disabled, Veterans, Low Income,

Low Waged Employment, General Public 


$4 per round trip

Intercity Schedule

Human Service Transportation Deliver: Medicaid Transportation

This Transportation must originate in the Leslie, Knott, Letcher, Perry counties.

Program Hours:

Monday - Friday
6:00a.m. to After 6:00p.m.

8:00a.m. to 1:00p.m.

Eligible Passengers:

Medicaid approved passengers, Elderly, Disabled, Veterans 


Medicaid Set Rates


How to Schedule a Trip!

Public Transportation Reservations are accepted by phone 24 hours in advance by calling:


Medical Transportation can be can be reserved 72 hours in advance by calling the HSTD Brokerage at 1-800-245-2826

Public Transportation Reservation Department Hours:

 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday thru Friday  

Please provide LKLP transportation reservationist with the following information:
  • Your name as it is on your Social Security card “no nick names” or if you are a Medicaid recipient the name that is on your medical card.
  • Date you wish to travel
  • Address of your pick-up and destination locations. Be specific, including suite and/or building numbers, doctor’s name, etc.
  • Desired arrival time.
  • Return time to your place of origin or, arrival time to your next appointment/or destination
  • Reserve a seat for a Personal Care Attendant (PCA), child or guest traveling with you.
  • If specialized transportation is needed such as a lift van, please specify. 

Companions, such as a friend or family member with the same ride origin and destination, are allowed to ride with you. However, a reservation must be made for your companion to ensure space is available. Without advance notice, the companion may not be allowed to go due to the lack or available space. Your companion must have the same origin and destination and can not have a separate appointment.


ATTENTION: LKLP Public Transportation is now offering InterCity Bus Routes.  To view the route schedule please click on the following link. Intercity Bus Routes



LKLP ensures that no person in the United States shall on the grounds of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, age, or disability be excluded from participating in, denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any LKLP public transportation project, program, or activity.

To view the agency's Title VI Notice of Protections Against Discrimination or the Title VI Complaint Form click the following linksTITLE VI Beneficiary Notice to the Public or Title VI Complaint Form


LKLP Passenger Conduct Expectations and Violation of Expectations Consequences

Please see the attached document for a copy of our Passenger Conduct Responsibilities and Violation of Conduct Consequences. Passenger Conduct


Denial of Transportation

LKLP will deny transportation for
the following reasons: (but not limited to):


  • for behavior that interferes with other passengers or the driver
  • refusal to pay for service
  • repeated failure to provide adequate notice of cancellation or no-shows
  • refusal to follow rules for riding the bus
  • carrying weapons
  • abusive language
Holiday Closings

The office and transit service is closed on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

 Message from the Director

It is hard to believe that another fiscal year has ended.  We had a very busy and productive year providing transportation for people across the commonwealth.  We scheduled over 1 million HSTD (Medicaid) trips alone in FY17.  Not only did we have an active year, it was also very exciting.

We had several staff members attend conferences in Lexington, New Orleans and Detroit this past year.  These conferences included the KPTA/KYTC 2016 Training Mini-Conference in Lexington, the 39th Annual Kentuckians for Better Transportation Conference in Lexington, the 12th Annual FTA Drug and Alcohol Program National Conference in New Orleans, LA and the annual Community Transportation Association of America EXPO in Detroit, MI.  All of these conferences were very informative and beneficial.

We recently opened our new office in Bowling Green.  It is located on Collett Avenue which is just off the US 31 Bypass.  This is our regional office for the Region 5 Brokerage.

       Ridership July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017

Regions 9 & 13

















Expanded service hours are available through the Seniors on the Go Demonstration Project.

Public Transportation Contact Information

Lisa Combs
Transportation Operations Manager

Toll-Free: 1-800-245-2826
Local: (606) 436-8853

Office Location:
Perry Transit Facility
398 Roy Campbell Drive
Hazard, KY 41701

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM